Trying another way to cross post from Mastodon to Twitter

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1 min read

I wrote last week of using IFTTT to cross post my Mastodon posts from Mastodon to Twitter. After playing around with the IFTTT for a week, there were some limitations that I discovered, including the inability to cross post photos from Mastodon to Twitter.

Fortunately, Wayne Mackintosh from the OERu (who have been running their own Mastodon instance as part of the open source OERu tech stack Dave Lane administers) suggested another Mastodon to Twitter cross posting tool that has been built by specifically for this task. My first cross post test a few minutes ago looks like this new tool may work better than IFTTT for cross posting, at least as far as the images are concerned.

And it looks like this application also has the ability to gracefully truncate longer Mastodon posts to fit with Twitter’s shorter length requirements (Mastodon gives you 500 characters vs Twitter’s 280). This looks like a better tool than the IFTTT recipe I was mucking around with so I am going with this one.

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