The Ontario Extend 9x9x25 Challenge

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In October I am going to try to participate in the Ontario Extend 9x9x25 blogging challenge – 9 posts over 9 weeks each post at least 25 sentences long reflecting on teaching & learning.

With any luck, this post should be the first to appear in a newly created 9x9x25 category on this blog, which will have an associated RSS feed that will feed the into the larger 9x9x25 content syndication hub put together by Terry Greene and Alan Levine.

Note to self. Short sentences are ok. Really.

My biggest fear for this particular activity is that I am going to MOOC all over myself. Sign up, do the first week and then…..

Grumpy cat meme with text they just won't complete their MOOC's

Over the summer, my blogging fell off and I had quite a dry spell, and I am hoping that this might just be a good kickstart to help me generate a rhythm again. That, plus I have yet to fully participate in any of the Ontario Extend activities, which I have meant to do.

If you are not familiar with Ontario Extend, it is an eCampus Ontario run initiative designed to help build digital learning capacity. While the focus is on Ontario post-secondary educators, the fact that the program is open makes it available to any educator who wishes to take part in the many participatory digital initiatives.

So, if you have thought about blogging, or are a well established blogger looking for a bit of a kickstart, consider joining me and participating in 9x9x25 this fall.

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