State of Higher Ed LMS Market for US and Canada: Spring 2017 Edition

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State of Higher Ed LMS Market for US and Canada: Spring 2017 Edition

Phil Hill, e-Literate, May 15, 2017

While this has always been a relevant report for those in EdTech in higher education, it has become even moreso for Canadians in the past few years with the inclusion of Canadian data from LISTedTECH. Not unexpected, Canvas continues to grow at a rapid pace.

While there is no regional breakdown (likely is available for those who subscribe), I suspect the growth of Canvas in Canada is not nearly as rapid as it has been in the US. For example, in British Columbia where I work, Canvas growth has been virtually non-existent except for a single self-hosted version at Simon Fraser University.

The barrier to Canvas growth in BC is likely the data sovereignty requirements of our provincial FIPPA legislation which prohibits the storage of personally identifiable information outside of Canada without prescribed consent. With Canvas being a cloud based SaaS, this privacy requirement has likely been enough of a barrier to remove it from consideration from many regional institutions.

However, with the opening of Canadian data centres by Microsoft and Amazon, we could see a change on the horizon. BC institutions may be willing to take a closer look at Canvas as a potential contender with the regional data restriction issue addressed.

First published in the EdTech Factotum newsletter.

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