My Gettin’ Air podcast with Terry Greene

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I had the opportunity to join Terry Greene from eCampus Ontario this week as his guest on his Gettin’ Air podcast.

eCampus Ontario and BCcampus (the organization I work for) have similar mandates in our respective provinces (Ontario & BC) to support collaborative projects around teaching, learning & technology in the post-secondary system. I’ve been quite impressed with the highly visible work coming out of Ontario these days, including the Ontario Extend project that Terry has been closely involved with, so I had to hold back my own urge to interview him about his work.

In the end, we ended up talking about professionalization of the role of Educational Technologists within the post-secondary system, the CMALT program that I learned about when I was at ALT in September, a pedagogy of the internet, what is the open web, and we pushed hockey player EdTech metaphors to ridiculous limits with our tongues firmly in our cheeks.

I’ve included some links below on what I talked about in the podcast.

For further reference

Referring to some of the things that Terry and I spoke about in the podcast.

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