Models for Evaluating Education Technology

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D’Arcy Norman has written a post about models of evaluating education technology, which reminded me of some work I did a few years ago that I meant to blog about, but never did.

One of the duties I had with BCcampus when I was Manager of EdTech was to manage systematic collaborative evaluations of education technology. As part of that work, I did some research on existing education technology evaluation methods. I am sharing this here in an effort to share what I learned specifically with D’Arcy as he may be interested in these for his own research, and to set the stage for a future blog post that will outline a methodology (called CAREET) that I began developing to support BCcampus sandbox projects.

Established EdTech evaluation methodologies

In the course of my research, I came across these different models of evaluating education technologies. I haven’t added much of my own context or analysis around many of these. But thought it could still be useful to some as a starting point for someone looking for tools to help evaluate education technology.

In my next post CAREET.


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