Models for Evaluating Education Technology

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D’Arcy Norman has written a post about models of evaluating education technology, which reminded me of some work I did a few years ago that I meant to blog about, but never did.

One of the duties I had with BCcampus when I was Manager of EdTech was to manage systematic collaborative evaluations of education technology. As part of that work, I did some research on existing education technology evaluation methods. I am sharing this here in an effort to share what I learned specifically with D’Arcy as he may be interested in these for his own research, and to set the stage for a future blog post that will outline a methodology (called CAREET) that I began developing to support BCcampus sandbox projects.

Established EdTech evaluation methodologies

In the course of my research, I came across these different models of evaluating education technologies. I haven’t added much of my own context or analysis around many of these. But thought it could still be useful to some as a starting point for someone looking for tools to help evaluate education technology.

In my next post CAREET.


Bob Bodily November 27, 2019

You should take a look at PIC RAT. Builds on the RAT framework you listed in your post and adds some interesting points

Clint Lalonde November 27, 2019

Excellent, thanks Bob!

D'Arcy Norman November 28, 2019

Thanks so much for this, Clint! I’ve updated my post with a link to this one. Looking forward to learning about CAREET!

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