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As I watch my kids (14 & 11) progress through the public school system, I have often thought that there are big pieces missing in how they are taught to learn. 

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This year, my 8th grade daughter had a teacher that was very explicit with the students and gave them instructions on how to take notes using the Cornell method. She has made their notes a gradable assignment. It is the first year where my daughter has had a teacher be so explicit with her study skills curriculum and I wish it would happen more often.

Especially with regard to how to learn online.

I have often thought that, when kids reach high school, that there should be a requirement that they take at least one course fully online to help them develop the skills necessary to be a successful online learner as those skills are quite different than the skills needed to be a successful student in a face to face classroom.

Which is why I agree with much of what Joshua Kim says. If we are serious about developing life-long learners who will need to continually update their skills and abilities throughout their life, then we should be placing more of an emphasis on helping students develop the skills they will need to be lifelong learners.

Like Joshua, I am becoming more convinced that MOOC's of all types, along with other forms of online learning, will be a big part of my kids lifelong learning strategy. So, shouldn't we be doing more to help prepare them for a future that includes lifelong learning online?

Source: Is Learning to Learn From MOOCs a Teachable Skill? Joshua Kim, Inside Higher Ed, Feb 26/18

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