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An excellent podcast series from Athabasca University's Dr. Connie Blomgren and Verena Roberts examining some of the specific open education issues within the K-12 sector in Canada.

This is a nice – and much needed – addition to the OER canon in Canada. While OER in post-secondary is becoming increasingly well supported through OER and Open Access initiatives across the country, it doesn't appear to be the same in the K-12 sector. Granted, this could be a perception on my part as I do tend to focus on the higher ed vs K-12 landscape.

There are some well known open education advocates and practitioners interviewed for this series of podcasts, including current eCampus Ontario Executive Director Dr. David Porter, former Hewlett Foundation (and now Wikimedia Foundation) program director TJ Bliss, Royce Kimmons, OER Hub Fellow Dr. Beatriz de los Arcos, Commons Sense Media's Bill Fitzgerald, and UNESCO OER Chair Rory McGreal, just to name a few.

The podcasts were funded by the Alberta ABOER Project, whom the organization I work for (BCcampus) has done work with in the past.

Source: K-12 OER Podcasts, Dr. Connie Blomgren and Verena Roberts, Athabasca University


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