I’ve deleted my social-media-formerly-known-as-Twitter accounts

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A short post to say that a few weeks ago I deleted my Twitter accounts. I mention this mostly because because I know there are some who use it to connect with me directly and may be confused if they try to send me a message and find my accounts gone.

I’ve been weaning myself off it for the past couple of years – really since 2016 and the dumpster fire Trump turned it into – and finally decided to pull the plug after the api access that allowed me to auto-delete my tweets every few months was shut off, and after receiving a very odd message that in order to send and receive dm’s I would have to become verified. I have spoken to others on Twitter about this message and I don’t think others have received it so mine may have been a flagpole test by the platform which, if that was the case, then hopefully my deleting my accounts instead of going through the BS of becoming verified has sent the company a message.

Considering I have been on the platform since 2008 and Twitter was the the subject of my 2011 Masters thesis, it was not that difficult a decision. In recent years I have found it an increasingly problematic and hostile place to hang out – far from the friendly and convivial space it once was.

I do have a Mastodon presence. I’ve been there for the past number of years, but even there I find myself using that less and less. It is a bit odd considering how big a role social media (and specifically Twitter) have played in my career to find myself increasingly meh about something I was once very passionate about. But this is where I am at the moment.


Jamie Billingham August 10, 2023

Sad to hear this, Clint. I’m staying I have too many connections worldwide that still use it for me to consider leaving. I’m still having great conversations on that platform. I’m kind of treating it as if it was a country that has been invaded by strange others lol.

Clint Lalonde August 13, 2023

I know I am missing much by not being part of Twitter and I am losing a lot of loose tie connections (which was something Twitter excelled at cultivating). But I also know that I haven’t interacted or participated there in the same way as I did a decade ago so probably haven’t cultivated many loose ties because I’ve been becoming less and less active in the space.

D'Arcy Norman August 11, 2023

It’s weird, but I’ve found Strava to be picking up steam as a social media thing. Not to replace Mastodon etc, but it feels like an affirmative place where people encourage each other and recognize what they’ve accomplished.

Clint Lalonde August 13, 2023

Same here. I love the social aspect of Strava. So many applications now have social capabilities built into them that it feels like we have a lot of different & specialized options for interaction and connection.

JR Dingwall August 17, 2023

Glad I met you through Twitter but you’re right, it’s a different place now. I’m happy to follow along here to keep up with your latest.

Clint Lalonde August 18, 2023

I’m very happy as well that we connected via Twitter. So many of my professional & personal connections started & were cultivated there over the years that it was the primary arrow in my PLN quiver. My blogging has always waxed and waned over the years, but it is something I always do come back to, even if it is in fits and starts. We’ll always have the blogs!

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