BCcampus EdTech Research Fellowship Grants

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Lord of the Rings meme that says "One does not simply become an edtech fellow without a clear pedagogical purpose

Just wanted to amplify this project I am working on at BCcampus to try to spread the word about a research funding opportunity we have just launched: The EdTech Fellows Program.

The EdTech Fellows Program is modelled after other successful BCcampus research projects, including the Open Education Fellows and the Scholarly Teaching Fellows. Successful EdTech Fellows (up to 3) will receive up to $10,000 to fund a research project focused on education technology.

As the application page notes, the intent of the Fellowship program is twofold.

  1. To enable teaching faculty to experiment with technology interventions that assist in solving pedagogical challenges within their teaching & learning context,
  2. To generate empirical research on the effectiveness of that education technology intervention through publishable research that will increase the visibility of education technology as an academic field and discipline.

To be eligible, we are looking for people who are teaching within the BC post-secondary system, and who are looking for some support to conduct research on their own pedagogical use of technology.

Feel free to pass on this opportunity to anyone within the BC post-secondary system whom you think might be interested in exploring technology enabled teaching & learning. Applications close on May 10th with the Fellowship starting on June 1 and running for 18 months.

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